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(Our system can also be used independently, without the need for Adalo or Bubble, etc ... It works independently, it is a NO CODE APP CREATOR)

For geolocation to work in IOS, that option must be previously activated. In Android simply accept the window that will ask to collect the GPS data.

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External System


Function - eCommerce (return to Adalo < customer info)

Function - Custom Form (return to Adalo < all info Form)

Function - Loyalty Card (return to Adalo < customer info)​

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External System


Function - eCommerce

Function - Custom Form

Function - Loyalty Card

Function - Restaurant Reservation

Function - Hotel Reservation

Function - Calendar Events

Function - Contact Page

Function - Custom Page

Function - Image Gallery

Function - Social Wall

Function - Route Map

Function - APP LIKE UBER (New)

Power up your Adalo App with external functions

Each external function has its BackOffice to manage the content, the structure of saved data and the sending of data (email)

All without programming 100% NO CODE




This function allows you to create an Online Store either for Food, Physical Products such as Clothing, Automotive Parts, or any other product.
It also allows different forms of shipping or delivery:
1 – Home delivery.
2 – Pick up in Store.
It allows several forms of payment:
1 – PayPal, only with API Keys
2 – Stripe, only with the public and private key.
3 – Pay when receiving the order in cash.
And the order will be collected in the system, it will also send a copy to the store by email to the owner of the store. And it also sends the PDF with the order to an ePrint printer.
It also allows you to have the same Stock for different branches. Dominos Pizza style. They sell the same thing but it can be in different branches of the franchise.
The paid version of Adalo allows you to receive data from the customer who has purchased through Zapier’s WebHook.

Custom Form

This function is very flexible, it allows you to create complex forms that allow, among other things, to capture the customer’s image, after taking a selfie for example. Or send the GPS coordinates of the user who submits the form and go to an Adalo database where they can capture, for example, the full address, the latitude GPS location, and the longitude GPS location. To later process this data within the Adalo APP.
These functions of sending data to Adalo only work in the paid version of Adalo and through a Zapier WebHook.
But even if you have the free version of Adalo, all the form data is recorded in the external function itself. It is also sent to the email that you have configured in the external function. And you will be able to export all the data in a CSV file.
In the form you can capture the following data:
  • Number
  • Dropdown select
  • Radio choice
  • Checkbox
  • Password
  • Text input
  • Textarea
  • Pictures (live)
  • Date
  • Date & time
  • Geolocations (GPS, georeverse)
In the example we have created a form that forces a worker to clock in or out of work, taking a selfie, setting the automatic time of the device at that moment and geolocation. In this way it is possible to know where a person is at a specific moment. It will be registered in the system (external function), it will also go to an email, and it can also be sent to Adalo to a database through Zapier’s WebHook.

Custom Form


Example Restaurant Reservation
and example Hotel Reservation



In the Booking function we have put 2 examples, one to reserve a table in a Restaurant and another example of a Hotel reservation.
It is possible to reserve a table for a specific number of people, in a specific location, if you have several locations in the same franchise, and a specific date and time. And all the information is sent by email to the account we want.
In the Hotel reservation it is also possible to put the day and time of entry and the day and time of departure.
This function can be used for any other type of reservation, for a Clinic, for a Veterinary, for a Lawyer, Barbershops Beauty Centers, Gyms, etc … 
In the reservation form, it also allows to put the name of the client, his telephone number and email. There is also a field for the client to write the details of the reservation, and a field for him to write a comment.

Adalo to external - Calendar events

Adalo to external - Contact Page

Adalo to external - Custom Forms

Adalo to external - Custom Page

Adalo to external - eCommerce

Adalo to external - Hotel Reservation

Adalo to external - Restaurant Reservation

Adalo to external - Route Map

Adalo to external - Social Wall

We are also pleased to inform that we can now offer a function for your APP to be like UBER.

Android UBER

This APP is created with our system

How is the UBER APP created?

If you want to contract this entire system to use within your ADALO system and also have access to the extras that we have announced here, you simply require a monthly fee of $10/month.

You will have access to all functions, you will have our technical support at any time, 24/7. And you can also cancel your subscription at any time you want, without minimum permanence or penalties for cancellation.


And as soon as possible, we will contact you to give you access to the platform and explain how you can get the most out of it. And if you are in a hurry, you can write to us at